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The American Dream

Many people in different parts of the world a wait anxiously to gain entrance to America. America to them remains the land of opportunity. The land of freedom. The American Dream encompasses, as Thomas Jefferson so clearly defined in his Declaration of Independence life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Although those freedoms remain the core basis, the dreams themselves have altered. Success, power, and wealth undermine the motives of men and woman today.
The founders of America often found themselves fleeing their homelands for various reasons. One reason being for fear of religious persecution. The Protestants, Puritans, many Christian groups all fled Europe for that reason. Others found themselves in America simply, because they were giving land away. To many immigrants this was a dream come true, they finally are able to provide for their future. Financial stability was often another motive for refuge to America. Even at the origination of America, it was thought the land of opportunity.
In the present world, the original factors for immigrating to America continue to exist. Along with people seeking political asylum, there are those who simply come to America for a better life; they come seeking the American Dream. To those coming from war torn third world countries, living on welfare in America with freedom to move freely, freedom to speak, and freedom to live without restraint-their dreams have been answered. Recently there was a big controversy over the future of one little boy. His mother wanted a better future for them; she felt that America was where to achieve it. Elian and his mother attempted to sneak into the United States. Unfortunately, his mother died in the process.The young boy was then caught in a horrible custody battle; his American family did not want the boy to return to Cuba, where they felt he would have absolutely no future. The place of the boy was with his …

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