death of a sales man

Death of a Salesman

Some nights you see a star in the sky or just have that feeling that what you wish will come true and all your wildest dreams will become reality.For Willy Loman that was everyday.He would always make his dreams seem like reality and thought that what he was saying wasright and everybody around him was wrong.Since his dreams never came true he always tried to pressure other people into becoming what he wanted even if it made them sad and him happy.
One instance where Willy took his dreams too far was when he told Linda that he would walk into his bosses office and ask for the office job.Willy knew what the answer was gonna be but his dreams made him ask for too much.He went into the office a confident man and walked out a jobless one.Willy dreamt that what Howard’s father promised he would get.All this time since his death he has been waiting for the office job he was promised.All this did for Willy was ruin his dream and his life.
Another dream of Willy’s was to have his sons become what he had not.He always pressured them with information that he thought was right.He always told them to do stuff the way he would do it if he had the opportunity not realizing that his way doesn’t work.When Biff told Willy that Bill Oliver owed him a stake, Willy just got to overexcited.He kept telling willy what to do or say.He didn’t seem to realize that Biff is a grown man and if he’s going to learn, its going to have to be on his own.He kept telling Biff what he would do if he would meet withBill Oliver. Willy would also make Biff out to be someone he wasn’t,like Bill Oliver salesman, when all he was, was a shipping clerk.Instead of giving Biff the right information he gave Biff his dream and that’s what made Biff make a fool of himself when he met Bill Oliver at his office.
Willy Loman is a man with many dreams.Most of his dreams would cause more damage to his life than succ…

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