Day in the Life of Actress

"Lights, Camera, and Action."To live a day in the life of an actress is one dream I had growing up.On August 22, 1995, I had the chance to make this dream become a reality. My name was pulled from a drawing to win a trip for two to Los Angeles and see the taping of the sitcom, "Baywatch."When the radio station called my house to tell me the news, I began to cry. As I jotted down the details, my hands were shaking because I was in complete shock.In exactly one month, I would be visiting California for thefirst time.
We arrived at Will Rogers State Beach at 8:00am.Erin, one of the producers of "Baywatch", greeted my mother and me and gave us our VIP guest passes.As they began filming, standing right in front of me, was David Hasselhoff with a few other cast members.When watching "Baywatch" from my home television, I saw the cast as beautiful famous people, but actually seeing them perform in real life was outrageous and overwhelming.
My mother and I took out our beach blanket and began to watch the filming.Fernando Castroman, the director, then walked over to me.
"Hey you blonde beach babe, are you an extra?"
"Ah, yes, yes I am, what do I have to do?"
"Go over to the dressing room which is located in that white trailer and Megan will take care of you so that you can be used in the next few scenes."
The trailer looked like my bedroom with all the clothes and make-up that was in there.Because I was already in a bathing suit, they told me to wear what I had on because the colors would show up on the camera well.The only thing that needed to be done was powder to my face to decrease the shine.
"You are all set to go on Heather.""You are now a Baywatch girl so go back and see Fernando, I think he wanted you for the next scene."
In thefirst scene my job was to walk along the beach shores with anot…


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