The Vitruvian Man Part II

The Vitruvian Man is an old piece of work by Leonardo Davinci, made in his sketchbooks for studt purpose of the actuallity of the size of man.Throughout time the Vitruvian Man has been an icon of size and porportion to artists and scientists everywhere.The Vitruvian Man has stood the test of time.To show that Davinci's Vitruvian Man has made it through time and how it has stood time,will surprise you.
The Vitruvian Man has made it through wars, famine, depression and other worldly disorders.The Vitruvian man has even made it to Hollywood. (Picture #1) In the early nineties movie The Lawnmower Man, the Vitruvian Man came up many times.As the main character is stuck in a cyber wolrd he is pictured as The Vitruvian Man.Another for instance is that the characteristics and sizes of the notes from the Vitruvian Man are brought up in this movie.I believe that it is a great way of putting the Vitruvian man to light agian.Bringing something old and ancent like the Vitruvian Man in to something new such as cyber space and virtual reality, is agreat way to bring a master's work into the limelight and out into the mainstream agian.
One other way that The Vitruvian Man has come into the mainstream or even the twenty- first century is through cartoons.(Picture #2)Who would of ever thunk that A piec of great artwork would end up on your television.In the television cartoon The Simpsons, there was an episode that the Simpsons went back in time and Homer (The Father) met Leonardo Davinci, where the orginal Vitruvian Man was exchanged for Homer's personal self.In return they showed a rather large man taking the place of the perfect sculpted man.It just goes to show that nowadays the perfect sculpted man will never be the same.
The Vitruvian Man not only been an icon in the television and movie bussiness but also an icon in different societies and thoughts.(Picture #3)The Vit…

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