Dave Hockney

Dave Hockney is often regarded as one of the most influential artists for the twentieth century, whose imagination is not limited to photography but primarily as a painter, draftsman and set designer.Born July 9th 1937, Hockney's interest in art was evident from a very early age, and he pursued this interest despite contempt from those otherwise inclined.Hockney's mother, Laura, held education of high importance and attempted to give her son the best schooling opportunities possible.Hockney was a bright student, but eventually became disinterested in his general studies in favour of his creative pursuits.
In 1953, Hockney enrolled in the Bradford School of Art, and this was where he began painting with oils, his medium of choice for most of his life.He became more aware of his role as an artist, and realised that a process of seeing and thinking rather than simply imitation was vital for successful artwork.His work was abstract and became quite personal, reflecting his view of human sexuality and love.
His commencement of education as the Painting School of the Royal College in London was a significant point in Hockney's life that enabled him to gain national attention as an artist.To begin with his work was still largely abstract, but upon feeling dissatisfied with this work, Hockney began to focus more on the need for a meaningful subject matter through his work.He initially explored painting issues such as vegetarianism and poetic expression, before eventuating to the topic of his sexual orientation, a feature that is present in much of his later work.Hockney's experiences as a homosexual male during this time period provided a basis for much of his work, and the social life that he lived enabled his contact with other admired artists including Andy Warhol.
Hockney eventually relocated to America, with the main interest to pursue his fascination with the Californian way of life.He was ea…


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