Dark Secrets

For our collage drama we chose to base it on youth. I have chosen to perform a scripted piece of drama. A dark secret that is about a teenage girl named Alex who shots her because she can't cope with everything anymore. Alex was always helping her friends and family and never having time for her. When Alex finally does something for her everyone hates her for it. This piece of scripted drama is a sad emotional play.
The purpose of the youth performance is to let people know what teenagers go through. The message dark secrets is trying to get across is teenagers go through a lot of personal issues that their closet friend and family don't know about. No matter how you think you are to some one you never know when they might be keeping something from you. Look are deceiving just because they appear to be all happy smiles on the outside doesn't necessarily mean that is them on the inside.
A dark secret is a small group performance the group consists of 6 actors. Each actor plays one role each. Our group chose roles that would be easy for us to relate to. Jessie played by Tamara Horne; Jessie is a female character, girl friend of Alex. Alex is the main character who commits suicide. Alex has a twin sister Liz. Sheri Campbell plays Liz. Liz has a hard time coming to terms with what Alex did and try's to find an answer in Chloe. I play Krystal Kavanagh Chloe. Chloe is Alex's best friend who also try's to find answers "why did she do it", why did she kill herself.
All the characters in dark secrets as them selves repeatedly ask them self-why but one character inpaticular that wonders why is Jamie. Jamie is the only male character in this performance. Chantelle Newton plays him. Chantelle portrays the male character very well. Chris is another one of Alex's friends who has trouble coming to an explanation of WHY?
Dark secrets go for roughly 20 minutes. Throughout this pe


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