I am a performing member of the Sandhills Ballet Theatre; a non-profit arts organization, dedicated to enhancing the community's awareness of dance, through performances and outreach programs. Recently I have performed in "Causing A Commotion," an international incident. Through this experience I showed leadership ability and took special initiative. As a result of hard work, I have been offered a full summer scholarship to Minnesota Ballet and also teach classes to younger/new students.
Within rehearsals, we work as a team to make it all happen. We each pull our own share to make sure that we look the best that we possibly can on stage. If everyone does what they are supposed to, when we perform, it turns out to be a huge success.
In this performance, "Causing A Commotion," I had a solo called "Water." This piece was very difficult considering fabric was used. Certain circumstances made it only possible for this piece to be learned at a date late into rehearsals. I was honored to be told that the Artist director and choreographer felt they could rely on me to pull it together at such a late date. Although this was very nerve wracking, because of my dedication, it worked out just fine. Within this performance, improvisation was also required. It was a good feeling to know that I personally contributed to making something a great success.
I feel that all my experiences through dance have taught me many lessons that have contributed to who I am today. I'm sure that they will continue to guide me into the future and be a part of my everyday life.
Through dance I have learned discipline and this will help me through college. From dancing I have learned many things, some might include: dedication, cooperation, working well with others, competition, presentation, how to work when under pressure, and having to use my brain in specific ways.
I have been dedicated to dance my whole life, a…


I'm Sandulf

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