I went to the Maurice Durufle/ Gabriel Faure "Requiem" performance by the UCSB Chamber Choir conducted by Michel Marc Gervais.When I arrived and listened to this music, I felt that this type of music fit its location, a church.In thefirst half of the performance, the piece that stood out for me was the VIII, "Libera me."I decided to pick this one out of all thefirst half pieces in the Op. 9 because was one of the longer pieces, and wasn't as chant-like as the other eight were.This one was very high-pitched, as well as very low-pitched.The thing I liked most is that the choir often got louder than the organ and baritone.All the other pieces annoyed me because all I heard was the annoying organ.This piece also included a male solo, which sounded quite good.I was impressed with his voice.The ending, however, almost made this piece as bad as the others because it was just the baritone and organ.The sound was obnoxious and irritating.Also, the choir was very in sync with one another.In the second half of the piece I chose the "Introit et Kyrie."The chorus in this one also sounded in rhythm with one another.Again, the organ seemed to take away from the singers, however at times it actually sounded good.I thought this piece sounded the best when the chorus and organ were low pitched in harmony.I was amazed at how high and loud the voices got during this piece.I also really enjoyed the part when there was the female soloist.The sound was very consonant.I recognized that this piece stopped like it was going to end, an all of a sudden started up again, like the one we listened to in class by Beethoven.It was also a little too long.I thought that this performance would have been a lot better if it showcased the choir more.The organ and baritone were way too loud.It was a shame because the chorus was really good.


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