Evolution is not necessarily a good thing, and unfortunately, dance is an ever-changing art form, especially evident in the twentieth century.In myfirst paper I wrote dance can adapt to different environments; however, after viewing the twentieth century ballets I wish this statement were not so true.
I do not mean to attack the art form in the mentioned era (20th century), but with the exception of "The Nutcracker" and "Cinderella" I truly disliked the ballets namely "Petrouchka", "Revelations", and "Billboards".These ballets just tried too hard in my estimation.
"Petrouchka" was far too concerned with political and social commentary.I understand this piece is a metaphor for communism, but I believe Stravinsky and Benois focused too much on the message rather than preparing a storyline conducive to dance.I believe this work was not initially well received because of the shock value, and I can appreciate this reception because I had the same response.I will, however, give credit for good use of symbolism throughout the ballet, but overall I felt the work was extremely disturbing.
Alvin Ailey's "Revelations", had a more close to home message than "Petrouchka", but I did not like the slow, very hypnotic interpretive dance within this ballet.Though I appreciated the soulful hymns, my impression was that this piece seemed to last forever due to the slow choreography.I had to fight the desire to want to go to sleep while viewing "Revelations" which is very telling of my dislike.
Unlike the two above-mentioned ballets, "Billboards" seemed to not have such a strong message, which is maybe why I liked this piece more than those two dances.This work was not concerned with making a statement, but rather, showing dancers enjoying what they do and having fun doing it- which is the wh


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