Culture is the body of customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits that together constitute a group of people performing the act. My background is Irish and the Irish culture passed through generations, have now been passed onto me. In order to give you my thoughts on culture and the Irish people, I must give a brief history lesson of Ireland and the people who now have inhabited the country.
To begin, Ireland has by world standards, only recently been inhabited by man: its earliest settlers have, however, influenced the present landscape and created a significant part of the basis for the present population. Thefirst actual people to inhabit Ireland were the Celts. The Celts were well established in Ireland a century before Christ, and they dominated the island for nearly a thousand years, resisting challenges and absorbing influences from other cultures for many centuries more. To this day, the core of Ireland’s heritage remains unmistakably Celtic. After a period of isolation, Ireland was in the twelfth century drawn back into the mainstream of western history. The agents of this were the Normans, who were to have a profound effect on the social and economic life of the country and on the way it is governed.
In the late eighth century, The Vikings arrived in Ireland. The Vikings heralded thefirst influx of new peoples into Ireland since the major settlement of the Celts had been completed in the last centuries BC. From about the second century BC until the late eighth century AD Ireland had enjoyed freedom from external attack or settlement. The traditional perception of the Vikings as marauders and plunderers of Irish monasteries is incomplete. It concentrates on the early years of Viking activity, ignoring that the Vikings eventually settled peacefully, integrating into Irish society and making a positive contribution as traders and town-dwellers.
After the Vikings, the English and the Scots settled


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