I decided that I wanted to do my cultural project on the Washington State University Performing Arts Gala.This event, to me, was one of the best live performances that I have seen put on by a university.This event not only covered the theatrical performances but it also covered different types of dancing performances, musical performances, and cultural diversity.There was a number of talented students and faculty of Washington State University who all deserve recognition of a job well done.
Though the entire Gala was impressive, my personal favorite was the Jazz Northwest, which is the faculty jazz ensemble.This group travels throughout the Pacific Northwest and plays music written exclusively by its own members.That night they performed a song called "Hello Young Lovers", it was arranged by Horace Young and was originally from the play "The King and I."Not only was it liked by me but it also seemed to be one of the favorites from the audience's reaction.
There was also performances done by the WSU Big Jazz Band, WSU Wind Symphony, WSU Trumpet Ensemble, WSU Symphony Orchestra, and Cougar Marching Band performed a wide array of musical selections.My personal favorite was Ghost Train done by the WSU Wind Symphony and conducted by L. Keating Johnson.
Another important feature of the Arts Gala was the debut of Crimson Revue.This is a group of very talented singers and dancers who perform a variety of songs from the different periods of time.They have dancers who help the singers to be able to express what the song means through dance.I think that though the group is young they will be able to all succeed.
The most disappointing part of the Arts Gala was the outcome of people.Most of the audience was made up of older people and very few students.It was as though the students of WSU don't really support the different clubs here.I feel like this was somewhat of a impo…


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