Cultural Experience Essay Restaurant

Visualize entering a massive two-story restaurant with decorative designs seen from every corner of the room. Distinct sounds of the maracas and other instruments can be heard throughout each section of the buildings' triangular architectural design. A friendly waitress then greets the whole family with a warm and friendly smile. While seating arrangements are being made, the whole family stares in awe due to the very stunning displays surrounding the café. While patiently waiting for the meal to arrive, dazzling hand-painted murals, wall tile mosaics, and conga barstools, portraying the daily life of a local Cuban, soon capture the whole family's attention. They noticed that the entire interior walls of the café are splashed with very stylish, but yet extravagant colors. Shades of light blue, bright yellow, and neon green surround every corner of the room, bringing forth a sense of beauty, and at the same time excitement throughout the Cuban café. And just when the family starts to converse with one another, about the intricate designs inside the restaurant, the friendly waitress soon arrives with the delicious meal in hand.
This past weekend, my whole family took a long, deserved vacation to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. We eagerly agreed to try out, Bongo's Cuban Café, a Cuban restaurant located at the heart of Downtown Disney. The atmosphere of Bongo's Cuban Café was bright, colorful, and very entertaining. The restaurant did a wonderful job depicting Cuban life and culture. The loud but yet enjoyable Latino music heard throughout the building compliments the café's vibrant interior. The exterior was a delightful site indeed that was dominated by the massive two-story pineapple-shaped adobe structure that fills the skyline of Downtown Disney with glamour.
For our entrees we chose Pescado ($12, listed under “Specialties”) and Artesano Chicken ($12.30, …


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