Critique on Frida Kahlo

This painting is a self portrait of Frida Kahlo, in two split personalities. The Two Frida’s was made in 1939. It is oil on canvas, standing at a height of 5;81/2 square. It is hanging in the Museo de Arte, in Mexico City. There are two Fridas, sitting in adjacent chairs and holding hands, staring back at the viewer. The two Frida’s are sitting on a green weaved bench on a brownish smooth floor, and behind them is a painting of blue and gray sky on a wall.
One Frida is wearing a native Indian custom (a tehuana skirt) and a blouse. The blouse is blue with a gold trim, and the skirt is green with a white train. This Frida is holding a little portrait of a man. Atfirst glance the little portrait looks like a pin or a big button, until one gets a closer look at it. The other Frida is dressed in a white European long, style dress, with flower embroidery at the end of the skirt.
The two Frida’s are connected to each other by a joint circulatory system with their hearts exposed. The heart of the Frida in white is cut and torn open. The artery that connects the two Fridas is severed. The Frida in the white European Victorian dress holds a surgical clamp and appears to have snipped the blood flow to her, thus one can see blood dripping over her lap forming a pool of blood. The heart of the ;Mexican; Frida is fully intact and appears to be feeding off blood from the ;Victorian; Frida. Both Frida’s have their hair braided and pulled upward, this hair style typifying a true Frida hairstyle. They both have red rosy cheeks and the long thick eyebrows that come together in a concave form.
Frida uses different colors to convey the message she is trying to put across to her viewers. There is a use of earthly colors in the clothing of the "Mexican" Frida to convey her cultural background. The other Frida's dress is all white, with reddish rose flowers on it. There is a r


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