Contemporary Motivation

As Richard Johnston speaks I realize that he has come across a rare talent of not only immense and drastic amounts of creativity but also the ability to capture and enhance an area like no other artist I have taken interest in.Richard announces that he does not excel in catching realism; however all of his pieces are inspired by actual aspects of his life.I agree that the surroundings that inspire him with insights should and can be seen through the talent of his art.Mr. Johnston is clearly motivated by his experiences, ideas, and environment and there is truly a lot to be learned from his approach to art, his techniques, and finished product.
Richard claims that he has an irresistible urge to make things.This however would not be possible if he could not find motivation for new sculptures.There is much to be learned from the motivation that this artist captures from his environment.For example, many companies around the U.S. are recognizing that much motivation can be gained from their environment, i.e. the workplace.I think that if we could convince CEO's of major businesses to understand that on-sight art exhibitions should exist, increased productivity would be an immediate result.In fact experts at Pinker and Damsio argue that the deepest thoughts that account for human behavior are unconscious and primarily visual.By utilizing sculptures like Mr. Johnston's in the grass outside an eating area or in the lobby, we would be forcing workers to stop and analyze the meaning, thus jump starting the creative sections of their brains.
As is the case with many contemporary artists there is bound to be someone who does not appreciate their work.Richard Johnston's "Untitled Horse" is an example of a sculpture that holds true to this scripture.This piece ornamented the main quad at UVSC during 1990.Gilbert Cooke, an UVSC administrator, grew such distaste for the p


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