Constatin Sergeyevich Stanislavski

I. Constatin Sergeyevich Stanislavski: Who was he?
Born in 1863 in Moscow, Russia, Constatin Sergeyevich Stanislavski is known
for pioneering many of the acting concepts and methods that are used in today's world of
acting.It is said that Stanislavski had the greatest effect on acting more so than anyone else in the 20th Century. From his ripe teenage years, Stanislavski was involved in theatrical productions in hopes of attaining his status as a respected actor in the performance community.Over a time span of 40 years he was involved in many facets of the performing arts which ranged from producing and directing plays to analyzing and understanding the meaning of acting.
Stanislavski earned international recognition during his lifetime for all of his contributions to the acting genre.However, in the United States and beyond, his legacy lives on today and is demonstrated by some of the greatest performers of the 21st Century who follow his guidelines and concepts.There are a plethora of books and research relating to Stanislavski and his acting method, many of which he wrote during his lifetime.
Many today follow his acting methods and comb through his concepts with a fine toothcomb in order to try to fully understand his viewpoints.Complex and intricate as some of his ideas may have been, they have proven time after time to mesh extraordinarily well in relationship to acting.It is especially important to recognize that Stanislavski focused a great deal on the psychological aspects of acting and not just the physical state of acting.Naturalism was of specific importance to Stanislavski and that is the main focus of this paper.There is such a multitude of areas that Stanislavski has written about, it is necessary to zoom in and focus on one specific angle in his areas of research in order to begin to understand what this man was about.
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