Computer Technologies

At the end of the Cold War computer technology was on the verge of new era. Glocal satellite communications and the Internet opened a new portal to the world and if the U.S. Navy wanted to stay the dominant power to control the seas it had to take advantage of every technological advancement and innovative idea. Organizing a private intranet network incorporated with web applications and technology quickly became the backbone of global and local Navy vessell coordination and synchronization. High-tech multitask computers became the core of projects for new Navy ships where their use made the crew volume decrease by a hundred, a hundred and fifty percent. Also the versatility of cumputer and web applications allows the Department of Navy to stay just inside its budget, which is declining every year, by the integration of comercial everyday software into their systems to help the Navy build their global computer network. Applications like these, some of which people even use in their homes, saves the Navy money by not having to purchase and design special software for military-only purpose.
The most significant and impactful project for the network centralization of the Navy using modern computer technology is the “Information Technology for the 21st Century” project also called IT-21. Ever since its deployment the IT-21 quickly gave favorable results and promising future, and one of the most valuable benefits from it, was the coordination of vessels to conduct massive operations: : “Thisfirst IT-21 deployment was a revolution in connectivity for cruiser-destroyer (CruDes) units. The combination of enhanced IT systems, expanded connectivity paths, and power projection placed them in a prominent role during the execution of Tomahawk strikes in support of Operation Allied Force in May and April 1999. A group consisting of a guided-missile cruiser, guided-missile destroyer, destroyer, and two attack submarines conducted the initial p…


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