Computer Friend Or Foe

In a world that is changing at a rapid pace its hard to imagine what it was like in a world with out computers.Transportation, Socialization, and Communication have all changed drastically. Computers have only been on the scene for the last 15 years and at times it seems like they are taking over every thing from banking to grocery shopping and even dating.
In the 50's rock and roll and hot rods were the big thing, and the 60's got consumed by war, the 70's was all about love and drugs, the 80's was all about living better with 2 cars and a house in the suburbs with 2.5 kids. The big question is what are we going to be known as and with out a doubt the consensus is the computer generation.
We are one big testing grounds for high tech gadgetry, with home computers and email and on-line conferences, online banking and plane that can fly themselves, cars that know where they are with gps systems. We have mp3's, dvd, digital camera's and scanners all at ours finger tips.
In an era where ever thing is directed to making things easier it is easy to lose track of what's the latest and greatest and what are they going to throw at us next. Flying cars, living walls, teleportation are just a few unreachable goals of the 20th century or are they really that far away.Technology has come so far yet the simple things like getting a hand written letter or a telephone car or meeting an old friend for coffee are still on the top of my list.


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