Human beings are helpless weeds drifting in a depthless sea of fate. We are mere rag dolls, thrown from birth, to the current's mercy. Life never happens on accident, every moment is precisely planned and plotted for every individual.Oedipus Rex, a man who was a true victim of fate, lived a life that was destined for self-destruction and pain.However, his story is one of heroism and tragedy, not because he was a puppet to the gods or fate, rather he freely chose to continue and accept his own destruction. He lived his life seemingly oblivious to fate's pull, he murdered his father, married his mother, then surrendered to fate's grand finale: death.
One may ask how a life such as Oedipus' could possibly be called heroic, and the answer is simple: although he was controlled by fate he did everything for his rights and honor.Thus, he may have been the man with the smoking gun, however, he didn't kill just for his own satisfaction or self loathing. He always had a purpose,if you will a reason to his rhyme. Fate was never a questionably subject for him. He accepted his destiny by placing his energy to aspects of his life he could control: his honor and quality ofhis own life. considering Oedipus' situation, he lived life the best he could, and that's what makes him heroic.
One may say that everyone is in control of their own futures which is a valid point. However, every decision made, every question asked, every question answered are all predestined by fate. Each experience is a road sign in life's journey, there to guide us past those tricky forks in the road and dead ends that we find so challenging. Oedipus' story makes one wonder if fate uses certain people as teaching devices, examples, or guide lines on how to not live life. Life is unscripted. Live it the best it can be lived, and never regret anything. Regrets are pointless because each experience is a lesson learn


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