Comparison of Egyptian and Mesopotamian Art

Egyptian and Mesopotamian art share both similarities and differences. For instance Mesopotamian art focused on less monumental structures, while
embracing a pronounced literary element that Egyptian art lacked. Because of the constant threat to Mesopotamian society's security, a lot of their architecture created to fulfill the purpose of protection. It was made to impress yet intimidate the visitor's to their cities; so as to present themselves as strong people. However Egyptian art wasn't meant as protection, their work mostly represented empowerment and control. This can be seen in their architectural work of places, shrines, and temples.
These differences have their roots, partially in cultural differences, as Mesopotamians lacked access to the great stones that Egyptians could import
for their monuments. Egyptian also were able to organize laborers to build these great temples, however this was difficult for the Mesopotamians whose soils were constantly under attack. The differences owed something, finally, to different beliefs, for the Mesopotamians were not as concerned as the Egyptians were, with preparations for the afterlife, which so motivated the great tombs and pyramids that have made Egypt and some of the pharaohs immortal in human memory. Comparisons in politics, culture, economics, and society suggest civilizations that varied substantially because of largely separate origins and environments. The distinction in overall tone was striking, with Egypt being more stable and cheerful than Mesopotamia not only in beliefs about gods and the afterlife but also in the colorful and lively pictures the Egyptians emphasized in their decorative art. Also striking was the distinction in internal history, with Egyptian civilization far less marked by disruption than its Mesopotamian counterpart. Therefore Mesopotamian art portrayed this insecurity and the attacks they face.
In terms of similarities both of th…


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