Comparison and Contrast

For myfirst compare and contrast assignment (#2), I did the Egyptian figure "torso of a general" and the Greek "Marble statue of Kouros."These statues have some imilarities, and many differences.
"Torso of a general" was sculpted in the beginning of the 4th century when Persian occupation was being overthrown.It also brought about a period of artistical renewal. This torso is a perfect example of that period.
Kouros is one of the earliest marble statues carved in Attica.It has characteristics of Egyptian art with its left leg forward and arms at side.This statue marked the grave of a young Athenian aristocrat.
These statues both are young looking and muscular."Torso of a general" looked as it was a little bit younger than "Kouros," but both were in excellent physical condition.However, they are also very different.Kouros is made of solid marble "torso of a general" is made of a different type of material that I could not determine.They also were dressed differently, even though both were wearing very little clothing.It was obvious that they were from totally different time periods."Torso of a general" has on more mascular clothes while Kouros was wearing more stylish clothing.
For my second compare and contrast assignment (#3), I did the Egyptian head "Man with a shaven head" and the Roman "Portrait of a woman."The Egyptian "man with a shaven head" looks like your typical person.He does not even look like an Ancient Egyptian.To describe him perfectly, he looked like Michael Jordan. He was from the Ptolemaic period, and had a large head with a high forehead.He looked more like a young adult or a child than a full grown adult.This may have been to look like he was young in the afterlife.
"Portrait of a woman," is an attractive young woman whom was probably a maid in Athens during the…


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