Comparing and Contrasting Picasso and Escher

All modern artists are the same, right? Wrong. The two artists I will be discussing, Pablo Picasso and M.C. Escher, though they have some similarities, are also very different. Though they are from the same general era, the tone of their artwork, their drawing styles, and some of the types of media they used.
Both artists have similarities, though their differences are more numerous. Both artists are from the modern art period, meaning their art was done in the last century or so. Their art is also abstract, at least in the very general sense of the word. Hidden meanings also seem to abound in each artists’ works.
Then there is thefirst major difference, which is the tone of the pieces. Pablo Picasso’s work is often very emotional. When you look at a Picasso, you often get the impression of what the artist was feeling at the time that the art was created. In his paintings, he often uses different colors (both hot and cool) to express emotions. The tone of Escher’s works, however, is somewhat different. His are very mathematical. They feature, for instance, tessellations, optical illusions, and impossible figures. M.C. Escher also seems to like to draw houses, having many pieces of artwork featuring houses of all dimensions and shapes. Even though Escher’s works are mathematical, he manages to keep them interesting. Top halves of houses turn into a network of upside down staircases and rooms, and in one particular tessellation a lizard is crawling its way out of the pattern.
Though their styles are both generally abstract, there are many aspects of their styles that are not the same. Picasso’s style, for instance, is very imprecise. The bodies of the people or objects he paints (or sculpts) are generally out of proportion – without detracting from the general sense of balance in the piece. Some, however, don’t so much seem balanced, more like…rightfully unbalanced, if you catch my meaning. Also another observation is that Pica…


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