Compare & Contrast Two Sculptures: The Hope Athena and The Hope Hygeia

The Hope Athena is a beautiful sculptured piece.I was stunned by the
size of the statue but even more amazed at the lifelike qualities of the
piece.I was impressed by the amount of detail that I could see in both
the Hope Athena and the Hope Hygeia.My eyes were immediately drawn to the
folds in Athena’s robes.The layers and how they fell across her body are
very realistic.Even the fabric as it forms itself around her knee is
somehow graceful.The front of Athena’s garment is impressive and lovely
and I was amazed by the detail I saw.It gives Athena a very graceful
appearance.I could almost see the fabric flowing as she took a step
forward.I could not help but think of the hours of work that must have
gone into creating just the specifics of her garment to make it seem
lifelike. I thought her helmet was an interesting addition to the statue.
It gives Athena a certain amount of authority, which makes sense for the
goddess of knowledge.I thought the helmet was interesting in that it
appeared to be a warriors helmet.It gave her a strong presence.Her
expression is one that I would call assuring and yet reflective.In
addition, I thought she was very beautiful.Overall, I thought Athena was
a delightful combination of grace and authority.
I thought the Hope Hygeia was a lovely statue and was surprised at how
she differed from Hope Athena.My eyes werefirst drawn in the same
direction as they were with Athena.I thought the folds in the fabric of
her garment were so realistic.I thought her garment was interesting in
how it fit her.It seemed more relaxed and casual than Athena’s did.Her
presence was not as commanding and she has a very peaceful, almost sad look
on her face.I thought she was a beautiful woman as well.I noticed that
she stands with one knee bent like Athena does.I also noticed the damage
to Hygeia more than I did with Athena.I do…


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