Compare & Contrast: Sunrise and Starry Night

In Claude Monet’s “Sunrise”, we see a view of the harbor at Le Havre. Except for its sketch like form, the focus on the shifting reflections in the water, and the importance of shadows are what appeals most to the viewer. The brushstrokes are clearly evident and not blended together to depict a realistic representation, rather an impressionist one. The subject matter and industrial landscape also signal a major difference from what had become expected of the French artists of the time. Monet’s painting was based on his theory that no object has a definite fixed color, but by the way the light strikes it at a particular moment. Monet also had a certain new way of painting bright colors. He did not paint an object violet by mixing red and blue together on his palette. Instead, he placed little touches of red and blue side by side on the canvas. The viewer is brought into Monet’s impression of the landscape and immediately intrigued by its dreamy colors and mysterious quality.
In Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”, Night is an abstract representation of a landscape set at night. Van Gogh not only uses Impressionist traits of observation and setting of time, but then transforms it through his emotional response and expresses the subject in a whole new way. His use of vibrant colors used in the sky reflects on the whole landscape.The starry sky occupies more than half of the painting. In the sky, there is an orange and yellow moon along with eleven bright white and yellow stars. Below the exploding stars, the village is a place of quiet order. Through his choice of using several shades of bold blues and greens, he creates a deeply evocative representation of night time. The extraordinary depiction of the moon and the stars with their exaggerated light, with their simplified form, orange centers, expanding yellow rings and white highlights, melts with gentle greens into the swirling sky.The paint is applied thickly to conjure quite a …


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