Compare Art

Comparison of Art

I will compare and contrast two pieces sculptures from the Ancient Egypt Era.Thefirst is a block style statue of a man sitting.It is a small sculpture dates back to circa 664 – 525 B.C.E. The second sculpture is also a small block style statue of a man sitting.This statue dates back to circa 1279 – 1213 B.C.E.
Thefirst figure is a seated man with hieroglyphic text carved across the front and sides of the sculpture.This type of statue is usually placed in tombs or temples.It is believed that the markings on the statue are offering formulas that were believed to bring blessings to the deceased in the afterworld.This statue is made of a sold block of stone that and has detailed image of the head and shoulders.The body and arms of the man are only slightly noticeable because of the lack of focus on this area.The area of the body is mainly an outline with the text carved around the large block section.We can tell from the sculpture that he is sitting with his knees bent and his arms crossed over his knees as if he is sitting and watching over the deceased.
The second sculpture is a very similar piece in the fact that it is also a man sitting. It was also carved in the same style as thefirst.We have a man who is sitting with his knees bent.Again we can see that the arms are crossed over the knees as he sits. His piece has less carvings of text on the side as the other statue. In this sculpture we see as small carving of what is believed to be the god of Ptah-Tatenen.This piece was placed in the tomb of Nedjem and was to represent Nedjem for eternity.
The style of both pieces was the same.The detail on each piece was slightly different.The sculpture took more detail to create the small likeness of the god between the legs in the second sculpture.Both sculptures have a detailed face of a man and the outline of a man sitting.This outline of the body in the block of ston…

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