compare and contrast

It was my seventh year of school and it felt like my twelve.Buzz the alarm clock

sounded. With every thing Ihad I slowly rolled out of bed and hit the snooze button on

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my alarm clock and fell back into my bed.Buzzthe alarm sounded again so I had to get

up this time or I would be late for school.I crawled out of bed and headed for the

bathroom. As I fully opened my eyes Iwet my face and thought about what I will be

doing this weekend.Every morning it was a constant battle between me and my self to

get out of bed and ready for school. After I was finally ready for school I slowly walked

to the kitchen to get some breakfast. The door bell rang as soon as I got the cereal out. I

glanced at the clock and it was time to go. So I grabbed my book bag and rushed out the

door to meet up with my friends.The further I got in School ,the less motivation I had. I

was a freshman at I. S. 75 in Brooklyn.I dreaded weekday mornings.Summer break

and other school holidays was all I looked forward to. I had a very immature look at

school.I was very unmotivated until my sixth grade English teacher had changed my

whole out look on school.she looked like a zillion years old. Ms. Grancio was a old

teacher.But she was very energetic, and could grab your attention with her style of

teaching. The work was difficult. She was a very strict teacher. But she was very

influential.She told a lot of stories about what she seen through her years of teaching.

One morning one of her old students had came to the class and spoke to us how she

helped him head in the right direction.When he spoke to the class, he talked about how

he hated school until Ms. Grancio was his teacher.


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