Compare and Contrast the Egyptian Palette of Narmer and the

Narmer was the name of the Egyptian king who ruled in 3100 BCE thefirst "dynastic period of Egypt" The palette which is made of Mudstone depicts scenes in high relief and the king's name using pictographs (an early form of writing, Narmer = fish and chisel). Palettes were used for grinding and this one being found in the temple of Horus may have been used for religious ceremonies. King Narmer is the main character in the various scenes; the images show him as the great unifier, protector, and leader in Hieratic Scale. Hieratic Scale signifies the status of an individual or groups by relative size.The images on the front and back of the palette show Narmer as the absolute ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt using natural (dead enemy, soldiers and servants) and super-natural forms (Long necked feline creatures, Horus (falcon with human hands) and Bulls with human faces).
Naramsin was the name of a grandson of the Akkadian King Sargon who ruled northern Mesopotamia in 2332 BCE.The Stele, which is an upright stone, depicts and image in high relief of the King and his soldiers on a mountain with his enemy dead, dieing or pleading for mercy. It is believed to have been created to celebrate/record his military victory.The shape of the Stele is included as part of the artwork. The "Stele" stone, is mountain in shape, and the scene depicted, takes place on a mountain giving it a highly stylized visualization. The King is ascending the mountain wearing a horned crown under images of three suns (solar gods) above, and soldiers below. The components of the image are also made to Hieratic Scale. The king is bigger and more centered relative to other components of the total image.
The two pieces, The Palette of Narmer, and the Stele of Naramsin, share the concept of presenting a scene, which is meant to awe the viewer and ingrain the thought of Imperial Authority (Rulers either being gods or god-like). The rulers by


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