Compare 3 Ancient Greek Statues

The ancient Greek culture is known for its advances in math, art, and architecture.In Greek times there where many statues of humans mostly of men who where worshiped as God's or Kings and sometimes both.The statues where often depicted nude so that the world could see their perfect bodies. Three statues that display various periods and ideals in Greek culture are the Kouros statue (600 B.C), the Spear Bearer (450-440 B.C.) also known as Doryphoros and was crafted by Polykleitos, and Dying Gaul by Peramon (230-220 B.C). Although atfirst glace these statues may appear qualitatively the same, each statue was carefully crafted to serve a purpose during the period of time in which it was made.
The Egyptian style Greek Kouros was the earliest of the three sculptures.It was carved in 600 B.C.The Greek statues Spear Bearer (Doryphoros) and Dying Gaul where carved somewhere around 450-440 B.C. and 230-220 B.C. respectively.Each sculpture was carved from white marble and is a "life size" representation.Both the Spear Bearer and Dying Gaul statues are actually copies of the original statues.Both statues where originally made of bronze and not marble. Many of the Greek statues from this time period where made of bronze, but bronze was expensive and that's why many of them where carved from marble. Although we do not know who created the copies, the original Spear Bearer was made by a man by the name of Polykleitos.The original bronze Dying Gaul is a copy after a statue by Peramon.The original artist of the Kouros statue is unknown, but many similar statues where made in this style during early Greek times and served funerary purposes.
Although each statue is a life size portrait of a nude male of white marble, they are very different in style and technique.Thefirst statue is of a Greek Kouroi and is a much more simplistic that the later statues.Even though the man depicted is life size, it does


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