The concept of decision making was taken well in our group. We used effective and minimal time consuming strategies to eliminate problems presented in the group. The method we used was simple brainstorming, with each group member spouting ideas for about five to ten minutes. We came up with a plethora of ideas and instantly we had much to work with. Ideas ranged from doing a skit, singing a song and doing a replica of a popular T.V. game show. We all gave what we thought were strong points of each idea, we respected each person's ideas and considered them in depth before making any decisions.Each group member appeared to be comfortable with the way we were handling the exchange of ideas. All members of the group were willing to compromise and listen to new ideas; this enabled the whole process to go smoothly. The criteria for the topic played a major role in decision making within the group. We knew that we needed a good representation of our topic and that lead us to a game show approach. We felt the game show best represented the criteria and we felt that the game show would help the audience visualize what we were teaching better. While discussing ideas for the game show each group member offered their thoughts in different ways, there was a lot of non-verbal communication which accompanied the verbal, for instance dancing and singing. This helped all of us visualize what we were going to do and helped the argument of the person offering the idea. The group leader Nolan used effective group conversation strategies and kept the conversation going. He exemplified effective use of pragmatic problem solving in the group when conflict occurred.When all these variables are correctly assessed the output produced by the group is phenomenal and is very productive. …


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