Commercial Architecture in 1910's

Commercial Architecture in the 1910's is very different from buildings today. Thanks to the advances in technology bigger and better commercial architectures are able to be constructed. Many companies built offices or a factory during the 1910's which exist today. These buildings still prove to be of importance. During this time period the style of the buildings was called Art Nouveau. Commercial Architecture has focused on building very tall buildings because of the 1910's.
The look of commercial buildings between 1910 and 1920 was very plain. Most commercial buildings were 2 story buildings and very common. Unlike modern skyscrapers the older buildings do not have reflective windows everywhere. Instead the windows were small and separated and very dull. Thanks to the use of glass walls the plain looking buildings are now able to look artistic and new. Modern technology allows us to create buildings such as the Sears Tower. The commercial architectures of today are very advanced. Architects are now able to build tall buildings or even complex buildings like shopping centers. These buildings are also built to last even longer. Commercial architecture should only be getting bigger and better as technology continues to advance.
There were many important buildings which were building during 1910 to 1920. Some of these buildings are AT&T, Ford, and Wools Worth. Each of the company's is still here today. One of the most important buildings is the completion of the Wall Street building in New York where millions of trades have taken place. The Grand Central terminal in New York is also an important commercial building. It was created in 1913 and has been there since. New York residents are trying to get the Grand Central terminal to become a historical landmark. Even though these buildings may be old, they will always be needed.
Commercial Architecture during 1910 to 1920 was much different from its previous year…


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