Classic Cartoons

Classic Children's Cartoons

As a mother of a nine-year old daughter, I look back on how children's television has changed since I was small.Growing up in the 1970's was vastly different from the high-tech world of the millenium.Due to being in a pre-cable era, television offered three basic network channels, limiting the number of cartoons on air.Saturday was the only day that children could watch hours of classic cartoons all morning.I consider a cartoon a classic by the ability of the program to stand the test of time, and leave memorable impressions on various generations of children.Cartoons featuring characters such as Bugs Bunny, Charlie Brown, Scooby Doo, and Mickey Mouse are just a few examples of shows that I deem classic.
Bugs Bunny is definitely a memorable character.His signature phrase "What's up Doc?" is instantly recognizable.My favorite show depicts Bugs as an orchestra conductor. In this episode he directs the symphony starring Porky Pig. Bugs forces Porky to hold the final note beyond normal capability, causing the pig to turn royal blue.The Bugs Bunny Show always made me laugh.
One of my favorite cartoons is Peanuts.Originally a comic strip, the cartoon follows the life of a schoolboy named Charlie Brown, his friends, and his adventurous dog Snoopy.One of the most popular pastimes for the Peanuts gang was a game of football.During every game, it was inevitable that Charlie Brown kick the deciding field goal. Holding the ball for Charlie was the mischievous Lucy Van Pelt, who was notorious for pulling the ball out from under the doomed kicker.Children tuned in repeatedly, and hoped that poor Charlie Brown would finally score a field goal.Time after time, however, Lucy would move the ball just before the kick, leaving poor Charlie flat on his back.The show, as well as the comic strip, is still very popular today.
Another favorite sho…

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