Chuck Close

The movement of Modernism in art is actually quite large if one were to judge it by all of the information it conatins, because of this only a summarized version will be given in this paper.Moderism evolved sometime between the time period of 1860 and the First World War, and is still used to described today’s artwork. it wasn’t actually institutionalized though untill about 1930 or between WW1 and WW2, as many people found the art during this time (1890-1930) to be somewhat adverse, untradtional, and not worth studying.Art historian and critics believe that Manet’s Le Dejeuner su L’Herbe, done in 1863, was thefirst modernist painting, and therefore started the art movement of modernism.The art at the beginning of this movement was classified by it’s expressive use of color, the flatness of it’s subject mater, and new painterly values.But later on , it wouyld emerge into many different styles by taking a different approach to arranging things spatially and by the invention and application of new subject matter. Around 1945-1960 this style began to increase quite drastically in popularity and by this time had already launched a number “isms”, or sub-movements that fall under the Modernism category.These include expressionism, fauvism, cubism, surrealism, photo-realism, and many others.Modernism involves the work of artists such asVan Gogh, Gauguin, Munch, Piscasso, Dali, and many additional artists including the one I selected for this project: Chuck Close.Charles thomas Close is an artist, who like many of the world’s other greatest artists, had an extremely rough childhood and hard life in general.he was born in 1939 and already knew he wanted to become an artist at the age of 4.he drew quite often and received hisfirst set of paints and an easel from his dad when he was just 5 years old.At the age of 11, his life became miserable.he wasalready a dyslexic child,he didn’t fit in at school, he got te…


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