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Essay on cameras and film available
There are many types of cameras available for a variety of people.Some people want a simple camera that can take good pictures, and others, like myself, go in-depth on research for comparisons on cameras.I have a Pentax ZX-L SLR camera and it’s been about 5 months now, and I’m pretty satisfied on how the camera has worked out for me.Of course, the camera is only as good as the photographer, so even a one-time use camera can be effective as my camera, if used effectively.
My camera is a SLR type of camera.It looks like one of those cameras that has a huge lens on it and can have many different attachments to it.It can have a bigger zoom in lens, which means that if you can see the whole basketball court, if you attach a bigger zoom in lens, you can zoom in all the way of the opposite end of the court.This gives you the versatility to be virtually anywhere and still get some great shots.I personally recommend a SLR camera for an aspiring photographer for theirfirst camera.
The other type of camera that is available is a digital camera.These have only came out about 5 years ago and they have made some incredible improvements.The main advantage of digital is that you can delete bad pictures, see the picture right after you take a shot, print out the pictures you want, and give it enhancements.The bad side of digital is that it is somewhat slow to take the pictures and getting clear pictures is hard.The major advantage is that you can transfer pictures right after you take them, so you can get the picture on the front-page right after you take it.Also, you can get a memory card for the camera, which is basically the film for the digital camera.Eventually, digital cameras will be so incredible and flawless; film will no longer exist and be obsolete.However, that might be a while.
Of course, there is not one type of film that will go to all cameras; there are several ty…


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