Buildings of Worship in Ancient Art Cultures

Ancient art covers a variety of different cultures, religions, and artworks.Most of what we know about the people of this time period comes from the studies of the archaeological remains, artifacts, and literature.From these studies we can gather that religion played a very important role in the societies of this time.The buildings of worship in Ancient Egypt and Greece vary in many ways while representing their culture's way of life.
In the Egyptian culture religion embodied every aspect of their life.The Egyptian faith was based on an unorganized collection of ancient myths, nature, and numerous divine beings.Our text refers to their religious practices as magical.The most important belief the Egyptians practiced was mummification.The need to preserve the body for life after death was very important to them.Egyptian art demonstrates a keen observance of nature.Animals along with many other images of nature appear in all remains of this culture.Animals usually were symbols associated with life after death, the characteristics of the gods, and the power of the king.The temples of the Egyptian culture are an amazing architecture feat. They were made of stone, so that they would last forever.The basic temple was built to look impressive because the Egyptians believed they were the dwellings of their god.Every city built a temple for their god.These temples were a place for man to communicate with the gods; however, only Pharaoh and the high priests were allowed inside of the temple.To enter inside the temple one must be proven worthy and ready to acquire the higher knowledge and insights.Upon entering a temple, after passing through the statues of sphinxes and pylon, is the courtyard.There are many rooms beyond the courtyard each more scared than the one before.After walking through another pylon, you enter the hypostyle hall.This hall is made to resemble a papyrus plant and the only l…


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