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Racism is a wild fire, fed by fear, and hate, sparked by ignorance, and misunderstanding. This was the feeling I got while and after viewing the play "Brown and Black and White all Over", played by Antonio Sacre. Many parts of his play hit and emotional nerve inside me.
Antonio Sacre's play contained passages that had me riding an emotional roller coaster. Sacre, a self proclaimed storyteller had me in a state of indecision, somewhere between laughing at and feeling sorry for the characters of his story. Antonio Sacre's play was put on by his drama class, which consisted of about 5 girls from a school whose average student read at 15% of the national level. Sacre had me laughing at these kids antics and speech. They spoke in broken English and slang saying "Hey man. How do expect me to learn all'dis man? Huh? So I gotta learn all'dis words?"This had me and most of the audience laughing. Haha. these kids talked with different speech patterns than most of us. They are funny. HaHaHa. Then it hit me. These were underprivileged kids who didn't think they talked funny because this was how they talked, every day. I was laughing at them because of this? How could I be that rude? I and about 300 other people sitting in a nice padded chair, in a beautiful gym, at a private school in one of the most affluent towns in the world, was laughing at these kids who were stumbling over lines and talking with a different accent. I was hard pressed to laugh at anything for the rest of that segment.
Another part of Antonio Sacre's play that stood out to my psyche was when Antonio was visiting the conference on Racism in the Californian redwood forest. The group was talking about stereotypes until a person of color says:
" Man, I can't believe the injustices in this world, man. My bro got caught wit a little bit of pot and got 2 years….


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