Brighton Beach Memoirs

Brighten Beach Memoirs is a play that is based on a family who is living in Brooklyn, New York and dealing with the trials of being a family in the 1930's. Throughout the book we are shown the uncertainties in life that the family is forced to live with everyday. The characters in the play are forced to awaken to things about themselves that they were unaware of. In Brighten Beach Memoirs Eugene awakens to the facts about his feelings about his brother Stanley, and Kate awakens to the fact that she has feelings that are negative about her sister Blanche. An awakening is an opening for the characters to discover something new about themselves.
Thefirst part of Brighten Beach Memoirs shows where Eugene was unaware about his real feelings for his brother. He didn't realize that he needed his brother to be part of his life in order to make it successfully through life. An example of this is when Stanley comes home from his job and tells Eugene how he has lost his job. ” Me and my boss had other things to talk about. I'm in trouble, Eug. I mean really big trouble. I got fired today!.” (23) This quote shows you when Stanley has come home and tells Eugene about his problems. Stanley doesn't tell his parentsfirst, he tells Eugene that shows you the growing of their relationship with each other. After Stanley states that Eugene tries to help him to find out what he should do. Eugene begins to awaken to the fact that he needs Stanley to learn from and that Stanley is beginning to show that he needs Eugene too. When Stanley decides he is going to write the letter to his boss he goes to Eugene again to ask him if he will help him to write the letter with him. Stanley needs the help with writing the letter to his boss because he isn't as intellectually smart as Eugene is. He goes to Eugene to ask him to help. "…You want to help me? You're good at those things." (73) This is showing that Stanley ne…


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