Blood Wedding: In Social, Cultural, and Historical Contexts

The play was written in 1933 by Federico Garcia Lorca. He was born in a rural background and that perhaps may have affected the play. The play has many references to social, cultural and historical events and themes. Lorca was born in Granada, Spain. Granada is right next to Andalucia, which is where the play is presumed to be set. He met and made friends with a famous artist named Salvador Dali, which may also have influenced some of the parts of Blood Wedding such as the surreal scene with the woodcutters and the moon. Other rising artists at the time may have influenced Blood Wedding, such as Picasso and cubist artists. They used symbolism in their art, which could have possibly inspired Lorca to use symbolic language and themes in his play. Lorca was confined to certain guidelines due to politics in Spain at the time and therefore could not express himself as much as he may have liked. Upon return from Cuba, the Spanish government changed and Lorca was allowed more freedom to write and create new literature, plays, and art. It was during this period he could create whatever he liked and in which time that he created Blood Wedding. This means that Blood Wedding is not limited in any way and is a true work of art. It is based on true events that he read in a newspaper and is therefore very accurate to events that may have occurred in that social time.
Lorca himself was gay, which may have contributed to the play and possibly to his death as well. It was a time of social reform and liberation. This may have been a key factor for some of his inspiration in creating some scenes like the poetic scenes or scenes that society may not have approved of at the time. He felt liberated and could then express himself to a greater extent.
At the time the play was written (1933) Spain was much more open to new ideas than before the Republican government came to power. The general attitude towards art and literature was improving and Lorca m…


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