Black out

There is a problem in the world today with crime. The children in our society are being taught that it's the easy way to make money and get away with it. There are too many people getting robbed, mugged, raped, and even killed every second of everyday. The bad guys are getting away with committing crimes so they keep on doing bad things to good people, which leaves the problem of the victims, like me, to deal with the aftermath of putting our lives back together. It is frustrating to be victimized by these people that think its ok to rob and steal for a living or just for fun. The lack of attention from the authorities does not make it any easier to get on with our lives. To try and get some information, like are there any suspects, did you get any leads, do you think they will be back, what should I do if they do, are some of many that they can't seem to answer.But it seems that they are to busy with the next case and you (I) get put on the back burner and the bad guys get away again. A kind word would even be a nice thing to hear from them, but you don't get even that, all you get is "you're just another victim of a crime", well, I knew that!
I had gone to work on August 25, 2004 at 9:30 am after having breakfast with my friend Jerry Nyren as I do everyday to work at his pawn shop that he owns. I was in the back putting away some items that had forfeited and I heard the front door open at about 10:15am and two black males approximately 30 years old in age entered the store. They had come in and started asking Jerry questions about some jewelry, and I was call to show them a computer, but by the time I got to them they were not interested any more this puzzled me, but I could not tell Jerry anything while they were still in the store. At this time I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. They left, telling Jerry they needed to go to the ATM for some more money and that they would be back. They return…


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