William Henry Harrison

William Henry Harrison was born the youngest of seven kids in 1773, at his family's plantation in Charles City County, Virginia.His father, Benjamin Harrison, was into politics and was a statesman.His mother, Elizabeth Basset, was a housewife.He studied classics and history at Hampden-Sydney College, and then began the study of medicine in Richmond.In 1791, however, he switched interests.He decided to pursue his military career.
Harrison wanted to be a soldier when he was eighteen.He asked none other than George Washington if he could become a soldier.Washington decided to make him an officer, because he wanted Harrison to rise high in the army.A week later, Harrison received his officer uniform, complements of George Washington.
Harrison was in the First U.S. Infantry, and was sent on duty to the Northwest Territory.In 1794 he was cited for bravery after fighting in the Battle of Fallen Timbers against a group of Native American peoples.The following year he was made Commander of Fort Washington in Ohio.Soon after, he married Anna Symmes.
Harrison resigned from the army in 1798 and became Secretary of the Northwest Territory.In 1799 he was elected territorial delegate to the Congress of the United States.As delegate, he persuaded Congress to divide the public lands of the territory into small homestead lots.
In 1800, Harrison pressed legislation to create the Indiana Territory, of which he was appointed governor.During his twelve years as governor of the territory, he persuaded native peoples to give their claims in almost the whole territory by getting them drunk.To me, this was hisfirst major mistake in his political career.
When Shawnee chief Tecumseh and his brother Tenskwatawa formed an alliance of Native American Peoples to oppose further conquest of their lands, Harrison came back to the army to lead a powerful American force against them i…

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