Biography of Coco Channal

Coco Chanel, Thefirst women to create clothing for women that is both attractive and useful. Chanel was one of thefirst women to run a large, successful business in the fashion industry. Today, it's hard to imagine the controversy Chanel stirred up simply by making women's clothing beautiful, comfortable and practical. Chanel understood that women wanted a sense of style and professionalism in their fashion. The clothes she created changed the way women looked and how they looked at themselves. Coco Chanel fulfilled the American Dream through definite actions, personal accomplishments and worthwhile contributions to America.
Coco started off at the age of nineteen when she worked at a tailor shop with her young aunt Adrienne. Coco sewed extremely well, so she began to do alterations on her own, but she had higher ambitions and did not plan on being a seamstress for the rest of her life. At this point in time she was seeing a man named Etienne Balsan, he asked Coco to be his mistress and move to his new estate that he had just bought. She agreed to go since she did care for him and for once in her life she wouldn't have to take care of herself. Balsan loved the horse races very much; he had his own horse stables at the estate. He would have many friends over and they would always go horseback riding. Coco didn't enjoy horses or the clothes women wore while riding, tight fitting jackets and long loose skirts. So Coco decided to switch it up a bit. Coco always admired men's clothing, so she had a tailor make a riding outfit consisting of jodhpurs and leather pants that ended at the knee; she wore this with a loose shirt and a scarf. Many women admired Coco for her astonishing ensemble. Coco designed also with hats. She would buy the plainest hats at large department stores then redesign them. Balsan loved her designs, so he offered Coco an apartment he owned in Paris. So she …


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