Base of Art Through the Ages

Art was one of the earliest manifestation of culture, this is because it fulfils human kinds need to interpret everything around them including their world and spiritual beliefs.
Paleolithic art can be found to date back over thirty thousand years. Thefirst discovery of this type of art was in Spain 1879.They were cave paintings that depicted men, women and, animals, these types of works were most often found deep in caves were no natural light could reach. In the gloom of the caves, the paintings look remarkably realistic. As well as paintings there were many sculptors, mainly animals, the human forms discovered are believed to be symbols of fertility, these were carved form materials like ivory, serpentine and limestone.
Greek art was developed through several cultural phases, geometric, archaic, classical, and Hellenistic. Geometric was characterized by the use of geometric shapes; the archaic style developed from the use of oriental motifs.The period of The Classical was composed of idealistic human figures with emphasis on naturalism, grace and sophistication, depicted with drapery.
The Human form in an idealized state was much admired by Roman artists, as they valued the emotional and psychological side of their art as well as the physical. Roman images emphasized wisdom form experience of social and political values of the Empire, as it was the Empire that determined the forms and context of art.
Christian art expresses their religious beliefs, in the earliest manifestation it was done socially or for worship. The works were highly symbolic as not to break the rules stated in the Old Testament, not to make images of things of this world. When Christian art began to develop in the Roman Empire, fourth century AD, it gained a more open way of expression of ideas; it eventually became the dominant art form. During the middle ages Christian art took on a new form, architecture, cathedrals, monasteries, convent…


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