Baroque Style

The Baroque Period The Baroque Art began in Italy between the sixteen hundreds and the seventeen hundreds. Classicism of the High Renaissance has been replenished during the Baroque period. During the Baroque period of art, the exploration of the fundamental Jan M. Masoncomponents of the human nature and the realm of senses and emotions were very crucial. The Baroque era was very vast and dynamic, radiant and colorful, dramatic and intense, passionate and ardent, and sensual and overpowered by emotions. The superficial form of light was fascinated during this period due to the thoughts of godlike sun or the truth of the Holy Spirit. The Baroque naturalism maintains the religious themes in content. The elements of perception in the Baroque art are how we perceived the natural human figures are in motion through space, time, and light. We present and analyze the extent of human actions and passions in all its degrees of lightness, darkness, and intensity.
Architecture such as the palace of Versailles, and artists like Caravaggio, and Goya symbolize these ideas.
The palace of Versailles is a grand building outside of Paris, which exhibits the characteristics of the Baroque style.It was elaborately decorated and the final product took 20 years to create.The fence is covered with a sheet of gold; every room is filled with intricate carvings and elegant figurines.Each room reflects a certain time or king by the change in furniture and style.These rooms demonstrate this with items such as back-less chairs, which were created to accommodate the clothes of the period.The materials used to create each piece also distinguish the time period.First generation furniture was made of sterling silver, and the upholstery was changed with the seasons. Second generation furniture was very elaborate and made of wood.Versailles is a perfect example of progression in Western art.The entire house displays the transition


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