Baroque Era

Essay #1
Humanism symbolizes an intellectual movement that begun in Verona.Humanist had faith in and emphasized the dignity and worth of the individual.That faith turned into the rediscovery of culture of classical antiquity, which contains elements of literature, history, rhetoric, ethics, and politics.A basic premise of humanism is that people are rational beings who possess within themselves the capacity for truth and goodness.This Renaissance revival of Greek and Roman studies emphasized the value of the classics for their own sake, rather than for their bearing to Christianity.Furthermore, the movement of Humanism had a major impact and influence in the Renaissance with a different mind set on how human beings view life.This movement made an impression on the elements of literature, visual arts, and music of those times.
The humanist movement started in Italy, where the four early figures Francesco Petrarch, Giovanni Boccaccio, Giorgio Vasari, and Lorenzo Valla contributed greatly to the discovery and preservation of classical works.Petrarch, a Latin scholar, dedicated his life in studying "golden wisdom" of the ancients."Golden wisdom" pertained to proper conduct of one's private life, rational governance of the state, the enjoyment of beauty, and the quest for truth.One of thefirst Westerners to study Greek was Boccoccio whom was a great writer.Vasari, invented the word rinascita (renaissance) for the reason that there was no Latin word for rebirth.Vasari's term was applied to the fine arts that had developed out of early humanism, but the term now describes an era that consciously freed itself from medievalism.Valla another Renaissance dedicated scholar of immense learning dared to challenge any authority and translated Herodotos and Thucydides into Latin.Furthermore, Petrach and other humanist all wrote in the same language, the vernacular language which became the acc…


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