Ban on arts in schools

Through my High School career I have made many decisions on what I want to become as a mature adult.These would include where I want to go to college, what do I want to specialize in, and how can I obtain these goals.Also in my high school the administrators have talked about putting a ban on what I consider to be my future.Singing, dancing, and acting have always been a huge part of my life I strive to become better in all three of these fields by performing in the schools musical company and choirs.Different students have different talents and different goals in their lives, to take something away that could help students obtain their goals is absurd.
When researching this particular subject I was puzzled by one question.Why the arts? If the school has to save money there are many other programs that the school could get rid of that take up empty space.Things like art and music are extremely important in our society today they play a very important role in preserving culture the fine arts are something we should celebrate not throw out.
What was surprising to me was the fact that no discussions had been raised in my school to eliminate the sports programs that drink most of the schools funds like a big bottle of Gatorade.If they wanted some extra money all they would have to do is shut down a sport or two like baseball or tennis and they would have plenty of money for whatever it is they use it for.Now I am not suggesting that we throw out sports and keep the arts that would be hypocritical.What I am saying is that we cannot deny one group of students the right to express themselves and give the rest the right to choose their own future.
I plan to go to college and pursue a career in performing art because I was offered the chance to try it in high school and I am sure I'm not the only one to do so.If we take away that chance where will that leave kids in the future?Schools are designed t


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