Auguste Rodin

Francois-Auguste-Rene Rodin was born on November 12. 1840. Auguste Rodin was the second child of Jean-Baptiste Rodin and Marie Cheffer. Like many artists, he was not an overnight success. He was rejected numerous times from art schools; nevertheless, he prevailed in the end. Rodin got his inspiration from other great and famous artists. In Rodin’s case, his inspirational artist was Michelangelo. In Rodin’s more famous works, one can see the similarities between the two artists’ artwork. He was also responsible from the resurgence of the popularity of sculpture as an art form. One common characteristic among all of his works was the realistic nature of his sculptures.
Rodin’s parents were not wealthy; therefore, he could not attend an art school of his choice. His father did send him to Petite Ecole, a training school for commerical draftsman. At age seventeen, he wonfirst prize for a clay model. His teachers encouraged him to audition for the Grande Ecole des Beaux-Arts. He applied three times, every time he was turned down. When he was 22 of age, his sister Maria died. He decided to leave his art after her death because so much anguish was in him. It was then he decided to enter the Order of the Fathers of the Very Holy Sacrament. He eventually realized that religion was not his called. One again, he went moved into his studio. It was at this point, he was fully committed to his artwork. Since he could not afford a heater, he would see parts of his sculptures on the floor every time he wakes up due to cold and heat. Sections of heads, arms and chunks of torso would detach itself from the sculpture; “I found them in pieces…covered the floor…could not believe what I lost in that way (Hale: 1987: 42). In 1864, he created The Man with the Broken Nose; with the new creation he set his path to greatness. He soon had a job with Carrier-Belluse. He was a draftsman, molder, finisher and a caster. When he had all the money he needed, …


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