Artist Project

The Artist Project
Gail Goodwin

One artist that I would like to investigate is Gail Goodwin.Gail is a photographer who captures the innocent beauty of children by using black and white photos classical and timeless effect with the incorporation of pastel colors to detail certain distinct images.Gail Goodwin has a instinct for capturing the most classical beauty at the perfect moment so that her art work portrays children in their natural comfortable behavior.
Gail Goodwin is of European decent and was thefirst American born to her immigrant parents.Gail was born in New York and moved to California as an infant.As she grew older she always remembered collecting art throughout her childhood.Gail loved studying art and even took art classes herself.She recalls feeling even as a young child that she wanted to be an artist when she grew up.A major changing point in Gail Goodwin's life was when she entered her teenage years and a high school teacher introduced Gail to old black and white photography and a box of "Marshall oil paints."It was then that Gail was introduced to photography and "hand tinting."Gail loved the new skills that were taught to her and spent her career practicing the skill in which she loves.Gail studied art and photography at North Ridge University in North Ridge California, and at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California.
In conclusion, Gail Goodwin's blends the romanticised look of antiquity while capturing the never aging symbol of youth on film.Her skill of "hand tinting" with oil paints have accentuated beautiful floral arrangements in contrast to the black and white pictures.Gail's artwork is displayed on calenders, posters, photo albums, greeting cards, stationary, even on mouse pads and screen savers for computers.She has received international recognition for her art work and unique artistic sense.Gail Goodwin…

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