Art review

Playwright and director: Fung Ka Leung
There are total 7 plays of SEVEN COLORS OF SOLITUDES: Yellow ( 'A photographer captured by time'); Blue ( 'A Cellist lost in emotion'), Green ( 'A Nurse envisioned by Desire'); Purple ( 'A restaurant Owner drowned in Memory'); Cyan ( 'An Insurance Agent trapped in Reality'); Red ( 'A MTR Film Buff reminiscent of Love'); Orange ( 'Young Girl waiting for hope').Seven plays shows seven anonymous people, living in seven secluded places and seven monotonous days. They all get a letter from a strange girl which records her lonely footprints.
Among the 7 different stories in the performance, I loved the Yellow part most.
The topic of it is "Yellow: A photographer captured by Time". The background of this play is Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima. A photographer (acted by Ray Yuen) dated an old friend there. The setting there is as below.
To most of the people, Peace Memorial Museum implied the explosion of Atomic Bomb, which gives out a feeling of sadness and death and yellow give out the feeling of the past; I do think the director is using this background as a hint to present the relationship of the photographer and his old friends. Also, At the beginning of this play, the photographer shouted,' Every history has its end', atfirst I just thought it was only talking about the explosion of Atomic Bomb during WWII, but later, I think that it's also talking about the relationship between the photographer and his old friend.And my conjecture is right, the photographer's old friend refused to came to the museum to meet him but sending her daughter ~Riko to come, whichinstrumentally telling the photographer she don't want to meet him again . The director do a well job here: before telling us the photographer 's


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