Art Museum

How do you perceive art and what does it mean to you? For me, art is a way for me to fully express my feelings toward a subject and loose my mind in a void of fantasy and reality. Art has no format and is very unique. A time that I enjoyed viewing some exquisite pieces of art was at the Dali Museum just recently. The museum was filled with sketches, murals, and paintings done in both acrylic and oil paints, all done by the famous Dali. This is why the Dali Museum was so fascinating and full of feeling.
From my opinion, Dali is tipping on a scale between genius and madman. Atfirst glance, I though his pieces could have only been materialized by someone that was on the edge of insanity, but this drew me into wanting to learn more about him and his masterpieces. All of his work was beautiful without question. The more art I studied the more I began to understand how he came up with such original ideas. All of his artwork stands for important causes and dates of situations that happened in his life. His skill in creating art is un-measurable in my eyes, and only few would even come close to his level of expertise. In Dali's work, he uses many different icons and symbols. Some of the icons and symbols he uses are: people, shapes, animals, building, angles, patterns, and architectural figures, but the optical illusions and three-dimensional art are what really caught my full undivided interest. Most of Dali's work is abstract and very hard to follow. Deciphering the meaning of his work is tough, because Dali's pictures show just enough of the picture to understand it. For example, when he wants to express a face, he will show the eyes and the mouth and leave the rest of the face in the darkness of the picture, but since you see the eyes and mouth you can decipher he is trying to show a face. I think that his artwork is mystical, intricate, and has a feeling of fantasy. I felt that my visit to the Dali Museum was a great l…


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