Art is less important than life but what a poor life without

Since ancient times philosophers and artists struggle to discuss about what, in fact, art is. According to Webster's Online Dictionary, art are "the products of human creativity." [1] To such wide definition we can class anything as art that comes out of imagination of individuals. Everything that exist has its origins in human mind. That is why art is crucial part of our lives, because it is some piece of us, and as Robert Motherwell once said "what a poor life without it."
Firstly, art is necessary in life, as it helps us to deal with everyday ordinariness. George Bernard Shaw once said, "Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable."[2] Many people would probably agree with him. Coming home after hard work we would like to take some rest. Therefore we go to cinema, theatre, some exhibitions, or simply stay home and read some book. All these are art; they have come out of ones imagination. While doing such things we can relax, escape from harsh and so cruel everyday life.
Secondly, people need art as they have a want for aesthetics. We often seek for opportunity to do something. Some of us write poetry, paint, create fashion in spare time. For example, "cooks learn to add a'pinch' of a favourite spice to enhance flavour"[3], decorate around food by making our table pleasure for eyes. Also the way we dress our body is an art, like decorating our room.
Thirdly, we do not even realize that art, actually, is all around. What we eat, wear, see, hear, everything is art. For instance, pieces of furniture in our homes are art. As well as the chair we sit in, the movies we watch and the comics they read. Also paintings on our walls, jewellery we have, our favourite kind of music. Someone had to design all of this. We do not notice that, but people who created all that put a lot of effort to make it exist. So we should sometimes stop for a while and thin


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