Art Institute of Chicago

1.For this assignment I choose to visit the Art Institute of Chicago.I choose to journey down town to see the so much talked about Vincent Van Gogh exhibit.As a waited in line I meet a student of Colombia College he told me that you do not have to pay to get in donations are welcome.I was confused and unsure what he meant.He explained to me that College students could offer a donation of one dollar or fifty cents as admission to the museum.So from the start my experience was very positive. Many people were discussing the exhibit.Everyone seemed to be very impressed.The lines for the entry were so long due to the tight security because of American on alert.It was good to see since the museum has so many valuable and irreplaceable.
I can recall visiting Elmhurst Art Museum.My mom was most impressed with Kathryn Schneider's collection titled Places of Grace.The photo that I was drawn to was titled Peace Like a River.This photo captured nature at its most peaceful state.A gentle reflection of the surrounding trees lay calmly upon the river expressing a perfect mirror reflection.My mom has a calendar that she purchased there.
The calendar states.Kathryn's artwork is an expression of her prospective on the world.Kathryn explains,"It is my desire to pass along to others through the otherworldliness of the infrared medium a sense of mystery and deep yearning for the ineffable, for the holy, and beyond."Infrared film captures a segment of the invisible spectrum of light waves.The camera is seeing something we cannot see.The end result is an image that resembles physical existence, as we perceive it yet is different enough that we can feel it suggesting a deeper reality. This is the only thing that I can recall that was cool from my child hood as a museum experience.
2. The photography on display in the gallery was "The Idea of Lewis Sul


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