Art History

ART: Sixteenth Century, High Renaissance

In the Sixteenth century, mainly in Italy, there was much change, in religion. The dissatisfaction with the leadership and policies of the Roman Catholic Church led to the Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther and John Calvin led the Holy Roman Empire at this time. Some Catholics were worried about the sale of indulgences, nepotism, and high Church officials pursuing personal wealth. Because of this movement, the establishment of Protestantism came about. The Protestants believed the only true religious relationship was the one between people and God, which went away with the need for Church intercession central to Catholicism. In response to all of this, the Catholic Church had a campaign to counteract the moving of its members to Protestantism. From 1545-1536, the Council of Trent, was a major component of this. The Council was composed of cardinals, archbishops, bishops, abbots, and theologians, and it dealt with issues of Church doctrine, which included many the Protestants contested. The Jesuits was another important facet of the Counter-Reformation. The Catholic Church was determined to win back adherents which also led to institute more extreme measures, such as the founding of the Holy Office of the Inquisition. This was a Church court establishment to deal with heretics. In attempt to eradicate heresy, Zealous sometimes subjected them to prison or death. Many major commissions came from the Church, and many popes initiated some art programs. Development of art in the fifteenth century in Italy, the main interest was the perspectivesystems and in anatomy. The artists that were well known during this period of time were Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Titian, the exhibits was both technical and aesthetic. The High Renaissance artists created works that people later relied on for instruction. The artists of this time claimed divine inspiration. The painters, sculptors,…

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